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The difference between the Voyager and Sport series

The Sport series can do everything the Voyager series can but the Voyager series has more connection options available.

End-to-end linking

Allows for maintenance Platforms, walkways and pontoons.


Jet-ski dock (T-shape)

Makes an ideal Jet-ski dock.


Side by side linking

A wider space for your own private dock or dinner party.


L-shape linking

Makes a great drop off point for guests in a tender.



Which size suits you?

All our platforms are made from 200mm (7.5”) deep dropstitch, pack down to a conveniently stowable size and with 4 different sizes, there is a platform to fit every yacht.

2,5m x 1,5m

  • The smallest Platform
  • Great space for 3 people sunbathing or 2 deckhands
  • A perfect addition to a larger platform to create a jet-ski dock
  • Super quick to inflate and deflate

3,5m x 1,5m

  • Extra space for 4 people to sunbathe
  • Space for 4 deckhands to work
  • A perfect addition to create a larger landing dock for dinghies or tenders
  • Super quick to inflate and deflate

4,5m x 1,5m

  • The longest platform in our range, sits perfectly along transoms of many sizes
  • Can accommodate 5 sunbathers or 5 people working alongside each other
  • Ideal for jet-ski/tender docks when joined to a 375 or 525
  • Joined end to end makes a 9m runway
  • Quick to inflate and deflate

4m x 2m

  • The largest, widest platform for space
  • Can accommodate 5 guests or 5 workers
  • A luxurious floating island off the back of a yacht or anchored off a beach
  • Perfect as a water sports base
  • Quick to inflate and deflate
  • Still only weighs 40kg (88lbs)
375 Sport:
3.930 EUR net

(4.676,70 EUR VAT included)

375 Voyager:
4.695 EUR net

(5.587,05 EUR VAT included)

525 Sport:
4.240 EUR net

(5.045,60 EUR VAT included)

525 Voyager:
5.295 EUR net

(6.301,05 EUR VAT included)

675 Sport:
4.720 EUR net

(5.616,80 EUR VAT included)

675 Voyager:
5.795 EUR net

(6.896,05 EUR VAT included)

800 Sport:
4.950 EUR net

(5.890,50 EUR VAT included)

800 Voyager:
5.995 EUR net

(7.134,05 EUR VAT included)


350 EUR net

(416,50 EUR VAT included)

Leisure Pack Classic:
695 EUR net

(827,05 EUR VAT included)

Leisure Pack Luxury:
895 EUR net

(1.065,05 EUR VAT included)

(Contains 2x Comfort seats & 2x headrests)


Ingeniously simple

The latest product in the Nautibuoy series. The C-Dock. A docking system compatible with SEABOB, another modular inflatable product NautiBuoy series.

C-Dock Voyager

C-Dock Voyager

The C-Dock Voyager is produced with the same high quality as the platforms. Thanks to the teak design, the C-Dock Voyager visually fits the platforms perfectly.

2.995 EUR net

(3.564,05 EUR VAT included)


C-Dock Sport

The C-Dock Sport is the smaller version of the SEABOB docking station. It is lighter than the Voyager version and easy to store.

750 EUR net

(892,50 EUR VAT included)

Example for a Set up

C-Dock Voyager

C-Dock Voyager

C-Dock Sport

C-Dock Sport

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