Innovation, Quality, Fit and Finish are the foundational pillars of FunAir.

Sa više od 20 godina iskustva, tim iz FunAir posvećuje pažnju detaljima koje očekuju kapetani i vlasnici jahti. Dopustite nam da zabavu na vašoj jahti podignemo na potpuno novu razinu.

Fun Air izrađuje i u ponudi ima najfiniji i najširi raspon napuhanaca koji se tematski mogu prilagoditi vašoj jahti sa velikim rasponom boja i logotipom vaše jahte.

FunAir – Our Slides

Inflatable Yacht Slides are a specialty of FunAir. We offer fully customised and in-stock options that can be shipped globally in just a few days.

We offer custom sizes, colours, logos, and designs, built to exact superyacht specifications and ensuring your yacht slide integrates seamlessly. Our in-stock slides are built to fit most mid range yachts and can be shipped globally in just a few days for those last minute charter requests.

Innovation is a top priority at FunAir and the Yacht Slides inflate and deflate six times faster than anything else on the market due to the FunAir patented RapidFlate system. FunAir products also fold tighter and lighter than ever before because they use the latest materials and technology.

All slides include an integrated water distribution system, a Rapidflate blower (when appropriate) and a FunAir electric pump.

Tobogani na napuhavanje specijalnost su tvrtke FunAir. Nudimo potpuno prilagođene opcije koje mogu biti isporučene diljem svijeta u samo nekoliko dana.

Nudimo prilagođene veličine, boje, logotipe te dizajne, izrađene prema točnim specifikacijama superjahti i osiguravajući savršenu uklopljenost. Tobogani koje imamo na zalihama napravljeni su kako bi odgovarali većini jahti srednje klase i mogu se isporučiti u roku od nekoliko dana.

Glavni prioritet tvrtke FunAir je inovativnost. Upravo zbog toga naši tobogani napuhuju se i ispuhuju šest puta brže od ičeg sličnog na tržištu, a sve zahvaljujući FunAir patentiranom sustavu RapidFlate. Proizvodi FunAir također se preklapaju čvršće i lakše jer koristimo najnovije materijale i tehnologije.

Svi tobogani uključuju integrirani sustav za raspodjelu vode, Rapidflate blower (kada je potreban) i FunAir električnu pumpu.

Hanger Light Slide Spec (2-3,5m)

Slide 1

Hanger Slide 4-6,5m)

Slide 5

Hanger Extreme (Slide 7-9m)

Slide 2

Riser Slide (+9,5m)

Slide 9

Our other FUNAIR-Products

BigAir Blob

BigAir Blob

The FunAir® BigAir blob is an exhilarating, hair-raising flying through the air experience that will leave you breathless. Purposely engineered for yachts, this blob has side stabilizing outriggers to handle ocean waves and a fitted cradle to keep the blob safely positioned away from the edge of the boat.

Toy Island

Toy Island

The FunAir® Toy Island is the perfect way to neatly and safely organize your toys off your yacht. The circular inflatable bench allows guests to sit comfortably while receiving a safety briefing, and the SeaStairsTM make it easy to get out of the water.

Climbing Wall Water Entry

Climbing Wall Water Entry

The FunAir® Water Entry Climbing Wall is the ultimate boat challenge testing your climbing skills and agility. It includes an adjustable bolster to change the difficulty of the climbing wall pitch and comes in custom sizes between 4M and 12M (widths 2M – 3M).



The FunAir® Playground will keep kids busy all day. Young guests will climb, slide and launch until ready for bed. The Playground includes a climbing frame, slide and a Jr. version of the popular FunAir Blob. Designed in multiple pieces, this product is easy to deploy and store by a 2 – 3 person crew.

Yacht Golf

Yacht Golf

The FunAir floating Yacht Golf green is a great way to keep you skills sharp and have friendly competitions between guests. Have fun shooting at multiple greens anchored at various distances while using the environmentally friendly albusgolf ECOBIOBALL.

Inflatable Water Joust

Inflatable Water Joust

Host the ultimate guest (or crew) competitions with the FunAir Inflatable Water Joust. Proclaim dominance by knocking your opponent into the water and off the suspended joust beam.

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